Preschool Activities & Skills

At Presbyterian Preschool, we believe that children learn while they’re exploring and having fun. Giving children a wide variety of experiences allows them to create an crucial foundation for later learning. Look below for a list of activities children participate in and the skills they will learn. Make sure to take note of the activities special to Presbyterian Preschool. Teachers, students, and parents look forward to these events all year!


  • Dramatic play to develop social skills
  • Bible stories to teach about God’s love for us
  • High-quality blocks and toys to promote problem-solving, confidence, and language development
  • Manipulatives to improve eye-hand coordination and develop motor skills, as well as the concepts of size, shape, color, counting, and number recognition
  • Listening, story telling, and puppets to foster communication skills and self-expression
  • Experiments and observation to discover science and the wonders of God’s creation
  • Singing, listening, and moving to music to form rhythm skills
  • Story times and daily book check-out to encourage a love of reading, proper use and care of books, and to introduce ABCs and words.
  • Arts and crafts and other activities to build self-esteem and creativity 

Core Skills

Reading Readiness

matching, rhyming, opposites, intro to ABC’s, sound discrimination

Math Readiness

sorting, seeing size relationships, counting, one-to-one correspondence, numeral recognition

Kindergarten Readiness

cutting skills (scissors), social skills, sitting during activities, holding a pencil correctly, following rules and directions, color names and recognition, self-esteem, listening skills

Special Activities

Presbyterian Preschool offers many special days and events throughout the year.  We encourage children and their parents to participate in as many as possible.

Wheels Day

Children bring their tricycles and scooters to cruise around the parking lot and learn about transportation and road safety.

Christmas Program

Children sing their Christmas songs for family and learn the joy of performing.  They also perform twice during the year for the First Presbyterian Church congregation on Sunday mornings.

Special Friends’ Day

Children are welcome to invite a special adult, such as a grandparent, friend, or other family member, to join them at school for a day in April.

End of the Year Activity

In May, 3 year-olds traveled to the Hastings Children’s Museum and the 4 and 5 year-olds went roller skating at Skate Island.