Please contact Pastor Caroline Price-Gibson to discuss funeral arrangements for your loved one.

The Death of a Loved One

The end of life is a sacred time. At the funeral service, we give thanks for the life of a loved one and affirm our faith in the God of the resurrection. When a burial is involved, we work with a Funeral Director, however memorial services can be arranged simply through the church.

If you are planning a funeral at the church, your family will need to meet with the pastor to discuss the service and the life of your loved one. Arrangements might include the music you would like and any lunch or reception plans following the service.

Larger funerals would take place in the sanctuary. Smaller services can be held in the chapel.


The church has a sunken garden with a columbaria (pictured above). Arrangements came be made with the church for ashes to be placed there. Each niche has room for two urns. In order to be the appropriate size, the urns are supplied by the church.


There are several established memorial funds, including Presbyterian Preschool, youth scholarships, and the building fund. Contact our Financial Administrator to discuss memorial gifts suitable to honor the memory of your loved one.