Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl 1The Prayer Shawl ladies meet in the Parlor on Wednesday mornings to knit prayer shawls and pray.  These shawls are presented to those in our community who are in crisis or who are in need our comfort and prayer.  They would welcome you and even teach you to knit!  The goal for the Prayer Shawl Ministry is that “to be a part of the One that comforts.”

If you know of someone in the area who is in need of a prayer shawl, please contact the church.

The prayer shawl prayer is available in both English and Spanish.

Mission Prayer

In the name of The Father, The Creator, The Giver of life.
In the name of Jesus, The Savior,  The Healer, and Lifter of Pain.
In the name of The Spirit, The Comforter, and The Sustainer of Life
This shawl was created as a mantle of caring, of protection, of strength, of healing, and of patience.
May it enfold you , encircle you, warm and comfort you when you are weak and weary.
O Christ, who heals the broken in body and spirit, be with all who suffer today.
Be with the doctors, nurses, and technicians, and all who care for others.
Be with the families and friends of those who comfort.
May your gentle yet strong touch reach out to heal all the broken and hurting people  and places in the world.  Amen.