What Parents Say

My son said his own prayer tonight at dinner (he learned this with his teachers), he is excited for school every day and I could not be more pleased with this preschool. I myself went here 35 years ago, and I remember it being amazing. ~Shelly Ramirez

My grandson looks forward to his next preschool day and he loves his teachers. ~Renae Yeats

I have had both my sons go to Presbyterian Preschool. Amazing staff and program! They keep the parents very involved and I love the small class sizes. I would not send my children to any other preschool; hands down the best! ~Nicole Dramse

First Presbyterian Preschool is awesome! They have great staff which make the kids feel welcome. We have had four kids go through preschool and they all did very well.  ~Ryan and Ashley Gates

What a great job Presbyterian Preschool is doing! Aiden’s teacher is very impressed how much he learned at your preschool. He is doing work that isn’t expected til the end of the school year. Aiden is always telling her he learned it at preschool. Thank you for a great job!~Teresa Roush

We have had three children spend a combined total of 6 years at Presbyterian Preschool, and it has been a wonderful experience for our family.  Our son spent his time in the Fish Room, and our daughters were in the Butterfly and Rainbow Rooms, and each room has provided such a rich experience of learning, friendship, and kindness.  Our children were exposed to a variety of topics including holidays, seasons, Nursery Rhymes, letters, colors, animals – the list could go on and on! Knowing that our kids were exposed to a religious educational experience that was not pushy or “over-the-top” was just what our family needed.  All of the teachers, staff, and volunteers were very caring and knowledgeable of each of our children, whether they had them in their classroom or not.  We feel blessed to have spent time at Presbyterian Preschool!~Brenda Cochran, 4th Grade Teacher at Wasmer Elementary

We have enjoyed watching [our children’s] confidence levels skyrocket as they learn in a safe and nurturing environment.  Most of all, they have developed sound social skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. ~Justin and Sara Graybill

Presbyterian Preschool has been a wonderful fit for my son as it was for me when I was a child. Staff members are kindhearted and they have a place in their hearts for all of the children that go there. My son looks forward to going, and wishes he could go “everyday!” ~Zach and Amber Sullivan

Presbyterian Preschool was the perfect start to all 3 of my children’s education.  They had such a wonderful positive experience, that the transition to kindergarten was easy and they always look forward to going to school.  Presbyterian Preschool is a warm, inviting and safe place for children to learn and grow. ~Moses and Nikki Campos

First Presbyterian Preschool is AWESOME!  Several years ago we had a child placed in our home that was considerably behind in social skills and academic knowledge….  We only had one year to help her catch up before attending Kindergarten and we knew it was going to take some place special.   The staff [at Presbyterian Preschool] jumped right in to help… they were open, caring, patient and very focused.  Their knowledge and skills were evident as positive results began showing up almost immediately….  Our young lady entered Kindergarten that next fall and is presently a successful First Grader.  Never once during this “catch up process” did the staff show frustration – all focus was placed on the positive and they encouraged her development and abilities in a caring and loving manner. ~Ron and Betty Wagner